Help Me Sleep: Mind Racing? Best way to fall asleep TONIGHT!


So your mind is racing at a million miles a minute and you can’t fall asleep…

Everyone has been there, sometimes you get no relief, other times you take to the Google machine with ‘help me sleep’, a lonely cry of desperation and exhaustion.

I have been in this same situation many times and decided to research and experiment with different methods and products that can take you from wide awake to fast asleep in no time.

Help me sleep Chris Waldron


We have all heard the standard advice you can get anywhere:

  • Exercise more (daily)
  • Eat better, more healthy foods
  • Cut use of LCD or bright screens before bed ( or cut the blue light out of screens)
  • Avoid caffeine and stimulants 6+ hours before sleep
  • Counting or other mind exercises

You don’t have time for all that, you want to fall asleep now! I know, here is what you need…

First step, CALM YOURSELF DOWN! No matter what you do or take, you can’t go to sleep if you are off the wall bonkers. Even if you take something short of horse tranqulizers, it will still be an issue unless you take a step back or a mental break and calm down.

Nothing is as important as sleep right now, no decisions you are going to make now are going to be as good and as thought out as after you rest your body and mind. So let it go and chill out.

Need a little assistance in falling and staying asleep?

The best thing i have ever discoverd in my research was the proper use of melatonin supplements. Meltatonin is a nuerotoxin that your body produces naturally in the asence of light, thus why when it gets dark at night, most people start to feel tired naturally. Synthetic melatonin supplements have been made for years and are safe and effective.

The best part about melatonin:

  • It’s something your body produces naturally
  • It is non addictive (physically/chemically)
  • it is very in expensive
  • it works fast


I tested different dose amounts to see how they would do. On average your body produces 5 to 25 micrograms of melatonin, That is significantly less that the average dose sold at 2mg. I tested up to 5mg and controlled release.


The best does I have found was:


2/3mg instant release melatonin (takes about 20 mins to feel)


Anything more than that left me tired the next day.


Where to buy and how much?

You can buy melatonin virtually anywhere, it is a supplement and not a drug so no perscription is required.

Wal-mart and Target run typically about $10-12 for a bottle of 60-120 depending on brand.

natrol 3mg melatonin


In conclusion, if you need something to help you to sleep RIGHT NOW, run out to the store and pick up some melatonin, take one with a small amount of water or milk, relax and fall asleep!


**NON-BRO SCIENCE** If you want to read more about the use of melatonin for certain medical issues, Natural Standard has an indepth test results page that might be interesting.


  1. This is great information for helping fall asleep. I fall into this category because my brain never wants to stop working! I love knowledge, and I don’t like taking anything that alters my personality. I LOVE ME! I have been taking Melatonin 10mg for a while, but I am thinking about going down in the dose. I sometimes wake up drousy and after reading this article, I feel I may be overdoing the melatonin. Thanks again! You have a new fan. Nothing like reading some good bloggage.

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