Hi, I am Chris Waldron

Hi, I am Chris Waldron. I am here to help you or your business get to the most productive state as quickly as possible. I do this with a variety of methods in my intensive Accountability Coaching program. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 20 years old, and have spent thousands of hours and 10's of thousands of dollars on high end training to refine the best method to remove brain fog and make you or your employees razor sharp and start loving life again.

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    I just want to give a shout out to Chris to thank him for the help he’s given me over the past 6 months or so through his accountability program. It has really been huge for me.   There is probably a lot of value in having a peer accountability partner – someone who is more or less at your level. You say “I’m going to do X this week.” Next week you have to say whether you did X or not.   There’s value in that. And it can help you move forward. To a degree.   But I’ve benefited from working with Chris because he is NOT a peer accountability partner. He’s someone at a higher level. More experience, better mindset, different (and better) strategies and systems, etc. Yes, there’s the “did you do X last week like you said you would?” part of it. That helps. But where things get more interesting (and helpful) is when my answer to whether I did X is “umm . . . yeah, kind of . . . sort of . . . no.” Then we dig into why not and things get deeper and more interesting. The majority of the time on our weekly phone calls focus on business stuff. But there have been weeks where we pretty much talked no business at all because other stuff was going on in my life that took priority. I’d say his approach is holistic and flexible. Holistic in that, while recognizing that the main focus of the call and my participation in his program is to move forward in business, he knows that business is just a part of life, so he makes sure I’m making progress in other key aspects of life: health, relationships, etc. Flexible in that if a strategy he suggests isn’t working for me for whatever reason, he has a bunch of others he can suggest that might work better. Anyway, it is Monday morning (at least on the U.S. west coast). If you haven’t made the progress you hoped to in the last week (or month or year), maybe ping Chris to see if he can help you. He probably can.
    …he is NOT a peer accountability partner. He’s someone at a higher level…
    Dave Gilbert @ Hood River Industries, LLC
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    With the help of Chris, in 6 months my mindset has evolved beyond what I probably could have done on my own in a year or two, by shifting myself from somebody who talks too much and never takes consistent actions to somebody who talks little bit less and, most importantly, TAKES ACTIONS EVERY DAY. 6 months ago, I was in the middle of a successful freelancing career in France pulling more than 8000$ a month working only three days a week, but freelancing was not my definition of success, my definition of success is the Fastlane. I knew that going from five figures a month to six figures a month is difficult for my demographics. Nobody in my entourage has reached that level of income, and I knew was lucky enough already to have reached the five-figures-per-month threshold, as I was the first one in my entourage to reach it. The idea of reaching six figures a month felt like a giant wall, with no way to see past it. But the 6 figures a month wall didn't exist, it was in my mind. I was already aware of this wall in my head, I knew that I wanted to break it but I didn't have any clue on how to proceed. I could have figured it out on my own, by following a costly trial and error method... Or I could reach out for help. I chose the latter, and I want to thank Chris again, who steadily across the course of 6 months, has helped me break that wall. He helped me to figure out what my options were, he consistently called out my bullshit and held me accountable for the brilliant ideas I had that were in dire need of execution. Most importantly he has helped me become somebody who takes real meaningful actions every day. My identity has evolved from freelancer to producer, and I know now that reaching the six-figures-a-month threshold is not a matter of "if" anymore but a matter of "when". Thanks again Chris ;):smile: P.S.: To be honest, if you know deep inside you that you have the potential to do great things but can't seem to do the right thing long enough to realize that potential, Chris can help you with that, as he has helped me. But you have to be willing to change the way you see the world to change the way you impact it.
    Working with Chris has been a life-changing experience for me!
    Rémi Connesson