Simple way to migrate your shopping cart software in a snap

I decided I was going to move on from the archaic peice of source code commonly known as OScommerce. It has far too many security loopholes, lack of current features, a dieing community, and over all it is too slow to work with. Any modern shopping cart software should be far more object oriented, have a templating system built in and most importantly incorporate a lot of JS/AJAX on the back end to make taking care of customers fast and easy.

I decided to move up to Interspire Shopping Cart. I won’t get into why I love it over others in this post. Deciding to move your cart software is quite the task. You need to choose sometihng that works well, Configure all the back end options, emails, notifications, etc. The burden comes in the form of shifting over exsisting customer and order data…

Enter cart2cart


cart2cart homepage


Cart2cart was my savior here. All you have to do is upload a simple file to each peice of software where it is hosted and make sure you enter the correct details. They have tuned this SaaS perfectly to work with all the major shopping cart platforms.


The price is dependant on how much data you are moving but i can assure you it is far less than your time is worth. You can do a demo run to see how well your data transfers and from there it will quote you a price and ask you if you want it to finish the transaction or not. It is very very simple.


They also have a FAQ section about the data that transfers through their system, I suggest reading it ahead of time so you are fully informed.

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