Who is this guy?

Chris Waldron

Chris Waldron is an experienced internet entrepreneur from Virginia. He started his first company when he was 20 years old, opting for real life experience over college debt.

He has built and sold a vinyl graphics and signage company.  Over several years with that company his work was featured in many online publications as well as several major automotive magazine covers and articles.

He then moved into e-commerce and physical product sales. He built and sold several online stores as well as many smaller informational sites. Through this he has gained extensive experience in the following areas:

  • E-commerce and physical product sales
  • Website and data migrations
  • Search Engine Management/Optimization (SEO, PPC, Local, Social)
  • Server and Task Automation
  • Linux Administration
  • Lead Generation and Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Channel Marketing


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P.S. It has come to my attention that an “Internet Marketer” whom is also named Chris Waldron created an internet marketing product called “Mobile Blog Money”. It has received numerous complaints online for being a scam. I am not affiliated with that product or that person in anyway.