How to POOP faster and more efficiently #SERIOUSLY

This is one of my more exciting “Life Hacking” experiments I did in recent times. I presented this at a entrepreneur meetup/conference in Phoenix, AZ and it was well received there. However, no one will admit that they use the technique… I mean who wants to admit their poop strategies. Either way, I am going to lay it all out for you today, my self-discovered trick to help yourself poop faster and more efficiently.

The three step system to poop faster…

Step#1 – Keep your butt FLAT on the toilet!


Step #2 – LEAN your upper body 20-45 degrees to the RIGHT ( Illustrated below)


Step #3 – Relax a little

The Duece 45 lean method





This is not medical advice and I am definitley not a doctor or medical professional. But my main assumption on why this speeds up those “tough” poops is you are straightening out your sigmoid colon with your rectum, providing an easier path of travel.

colon and rectum illustration

Via WedMD, Inc

Is this correct? Who knows but if you remember it in the future when you are having issues moving your stool, or need to hurry… just follow these steps and it may help you big time in the future.

Share it with your friends, it works for some people and others don’t notice anything different. It may help someone you know out in a pinch!




  1. Matt Sharper says:

    just drink more water and eat more fiber simple really…

  2. Hi there, You’ve done a great job. I will certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this

  3. FuckheadMcGee says:

    THIS just saved my life. Thank you sir, you should get a metal. And thank god for handicapped stalls and smartphones.

  4. victor nyorani says:

    Very clever.

  5. OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU SAVED MY JOB!!!! Seriously I was going to be fired if I didn’t stop taking 30 minute poops. Thank you!

  6. THIS HELPED ALOT!!! Im at my boyfriends house and yeah that explains my predicament. So thank you soooo flipping MUCH!❤

  7. This is why you take you phones to the toilet 😂😂😂 Who doesn’t?!?!?! 👏👏👏 🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽

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