Simple way to migrate your shopping cart software in a snap

I decided I was going to move on from the archaic peice of source code commonly known as OScommerce. It has far too many security loopholes, lack of current features, a dieing community, and over all it is too slow to work with. Any modern shopping cart software should be far more object oriented, have […]

A bit of a game changer for SEO in Q4 2011

This morning I woke to an IM with the following article link from Googles official blog:   For a global search sense, this is not a big deal. Most generic search traffic comes from users that are not logged in. However, when you get into certain niches and certain sites, your demographic can […]

French Macaroons (Macarons)

A friend of mine recently sent me a small dessert cake I had never heard of, a French Macaroon, which is also known as a Macaron here. Not to be confused with a macaroon made with coconut. Confused yet? So was I. Here is a visual:   After going through a tasting I am very […]

The Importance of Time in our Lives

Here is a great video a friend of mine posted on his blog at Live Learn Invest. Alec explains his wealth accumulation and his experiences of realizing the value of a “bucket list” over money accumulation. Time is your greatest asset. I dare you


This blog will eventually become amy personal blog on my business and life, and the theorys i find along the way to flex and bend. But now is not the right time just yet….