Google Adwords Business Credit and a Nexus 7

I received and unsolicited call about 3 weeks ago from someone claiming to be from Google. After quite a bit of extensive verification on their part, it turns out it was in fact a Google adwords rep[1].
Google Adwords Business Credit Card

Google introduced the Adwords Business Credit line to reduce billing issues and cash flow problems for small business. I am sure it helps that they can now collect a interest fee as well.

The credit line is through Comenity Capital and advertises an 8.99% – 18.99% interest rate. However, the interest does not accrue until 30 days AFTER the due date.

For some small business, they may see a higher credit limit than normal. Which can also prove to be a major advantage especially in competitive markets.

Now the real kicker, the free Nexus 7 tablet that was an incentive for signing up.

Nexus 7 Google adwords business credit

From what I understand, the first time we talked it was having the adwords business credit card on the account for two complete billing cycles. However, more recently when i followed up, the story is now spending the “required amount” within 90 days. I have an email in for clarification.

The credit approval and process was fast through Comenity. Just make sure you disable adblock on the application pag or it will not work correctly. I will update this post with news on receiving the tablet if it happens.

If anyone else has experience with the process, I would love to hear it.


[1]   If you get any call from someone claiming to be from Adwords, have them verify the following:

  • Adwords account ID
  • Your name and address
  • A campaign name
  • Your most recent billing transaction

Those should give you clear indication that it is in fact someone from Google, I had the rep send me an email as well, and he sent two, one from adwords support and one from his address.


*UPDATE* I received this email from Google this morning 10-17-2013

We appreciate your interest in the Google AdWords Business Credit Card and wanted to inform you that you have achieved the AdWords spend threshold to qualify for the Nexus 7 Android tablet (32GB Wifi $269 MSRP).
Please input the mailing address you would like us to use for the tablet shipment by clicking on this link here.
Once you have filled out the address confirmation form, the tablet will be mailed to your address via FedEx within 10 days.
Thanks again for using the AdWords Business Credit Card and please feel free to reach out if you have further questions or call 1-877-456-9995.
Thank you,
The AdWords Business Credit Team

*UPDATE 2* Email from Google ending relationship with Comenity 1-15-2015

Hello from AdWords,
Beginning February 1, 2015, we will no longer be supporting the AdWords Business Credit Card. You can find other convenient payment options here. If this is the primary way in which you pay for your AdWords account, please be sure to change your payment method before Sunday, February 1.

You will receive a bank notification with additional details in a few days. Meanwhile, if you have questions, please feel free to call us at 1-866-2GOOGLE.

Thank you for participating in the AdWords Business Credit program.

The Google AdWords Team


  1. I also received this offer. I applied and spent the necessary $300 during the 90 days as required but haven’t received a tablet. I called adwords and comenity bank (provider of the credit card) and they keep passing me back and forth with no record of a tablet being offered. I wouldn’t have signed up otherwise. A little disappointing. I’ll keep trying.

    • How long has it been since you hit your target spend? I know it takes up to 6 weeks to actually receive the device.

      • I hit my target in February. Comenity now sees that it says that I am approved for getting a tablet but they say google is in charge of sending it. Google says comenity is in charge of sending it. Do you know who sent you yours?

        • If you email me through my contact form I will reply email you the picture I took when it came in. The picture just so happens to have the return address to google, an employee name and number. That may help you.

          I imagine comenity orders it but it is sent through google. Hopefully those units are still available.

  2. Ha. Never even thought of scammers out there who might pretend to be Google. Good tips for getting them to prove themselves. Nice reddit eBook too.

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