Fall asleep faster with a simple program for PC / Mac / iOS

You are having troubles falling asleep when you lay down in bed? Have you been staring at a LCD screen?

Let’s get right into it, blue UV light blocks your bodies natural melatonin production. (Not to be confused with Melanin the pigment in your skin that makes you tan, although they do have relations inside your body). Melatonin is a natural hormone your brain produces to help put you to sleep. Many things can block it’s production, but the most prevelant is light, specifically blue UV light. Melatonin is dubbed the “hormone of darkness”

But blue light is a part of all LCD screens that we use these days from tv’s to cell phones, so how can we avoid it?


Enter F.Lux a simple program for Windows/OSX/iOS users. Unfortunately there is no Android app yet, we hope that is in the works.


Here is a screenshot from my PC..

f lux light program


How do I use F.Lux to help me sleep better?

All you need to do is install the program, enter you zipcode or location and F.lux does the rest. It will get the sunrise/sunset times from your locale and automatically remove the blue light from your screen when the sun goes down and turn it back on in the morning time. You won’t notice the difference over time because of reduced eye strain.


Adding this to your computers/cell phone can help your body go to sleep faster if you use them frequently right before bed. Unfortunately there is nothing like this for TV’s because it would reduce the media quality, so not watching tv an hour + prior to bed time can help as well. This program is free as of this post date.





  1. Hi…
    The app works well…
    I would like to know how to remove it since it starts up when you turn on your computer, and you can not remove a file when its open and running ?

    • Hey Jon, Are you on a windows PC? If you are right click your taskbar and select ‘Task Manager’. In the ‘Processes’ tab find ‘flux.exe’ and right click on it. Select ‘End Process’. That will shut F.Lux down and you can remove the program via the normal program manager method. Alternatively If you have it set up to show an icon in your taskbar’s system tray you can right click on the F.Lux logo and select ‘Exit F.Lux’ to do that same thing.

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