1 Simple Method to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys

Do you get picked on, made fun of, or you simply don’t find yourself very attractive being underweight? I know how you feel…   At 5’11” I was 145lbs leading into 2010. For my height I was underweight and I hated it. But at the time eating was not a priority to me, I didn’t have […]

Fall asleep faster with a simple program for PC / Mac / iOS

You are having troubles falling asleep when you lay down in bed? Have you been staring at a LCD screen? Let’s get right into it, blue UV light blocks your bodies natural melatonin production. (Not to be confused with Melanin the pigment in your skin that makes you tan, although they do have relations inside your […]

Simple way to migrate your shopping cart software in a snap

I decided I was going to move on from the archaic peice of source code commonly known as OScommerce. It has far too many security loopholes, lack of current features, a dieing community, and over all it is too slow to work with. Any modern shopping cart software should be far more object oriented, have […]

A bit of a game changer for SEO in Q4 2011

This morning I woke to an IM with the following article link from Googles official blog:   http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/making-search-more-secure.html   For a global search sense, this is not a big deal. Most generic search traffic comes from users that are not logged in. However, when you get into certain niches and certain sites, your demographic can […]

French Macaroons (Macarons)

A friend of mine recently sent me a small dessert cake I had never heard of, a French Macaroon, which is also known as a Macaron here. Not to be confused with a macaroon made with coconut. Confused yet? So was I. Here is a visual:   After going through a tasting I am very […]

The Importance of Time in our Lives

Here is a great video a friend of mine posted on his blog at Live Learn Invest. Alec explains his wealth accumulation and his experiences of realizing the value of a “bucket list” over money accumulation. Time is your greatest asset. I dare you

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