Google Adwords Business Credit and a Nexus 7

I received and unsolicited call about 3 weeks ago from someone claiming to be from Google. After quite a bit of extensive verification on their part, it turns out it was in fact a Google adwords rep[1]. Google introduced the Adwords Business Credit line to reduce billing issues and cash flow problems for small business. […]

What are you worth to the world? Your Autobiography has NO TITLE!

This is just a short post with a link over to an article that has taken the internet by storm. An odd occurrence these days really. Editor David Wong wrote a piece that hit the hearts of the modern age of teens and 20 somethings looking to break out of the entitlement mentalities and make something of themselves. When […] I have to install silverlight and opt-in to sign up? Microsoft #WTF

You would think that if you are the David in a David vs Goliath situation, You would employ your resources to make process as easy as possible for everyone involved. Apparently Microsoft does not feel that is necessary with and I recently decided I wanted to give Bing Ads a shot to capture some extra leads for […]

Help Me Sleep: Mind Racing? Best way to fall asleep TONIGHT!

  So your mind is racing at a million miles a minute and you can’t fall asleep… Everyone has been there, sometimes you get no relief, other times you take to the Google machine with ‘help me sleep’, a lonely cry of desperation and exhaustion. I have been in this same situation many times and decided to research and […]

How to get your external IP address in Command Line/Shell

Sometimes you have a need to get the external IP on your server that you are working from. There is no easy command in shell to get the external IP address. A simple $ ifconfig will show you only your internal addresses and NAT or IP’s that have been bound to the servers NIC card. […]

Screw your FREAKIN features! Launch your site like this or SIT DOWN!

If you are reading this post I assume you are in e-business or technology in one way or another. If you are in the majority, you are thinking about starting a site, in the process of starting a site, or have a site that is wasting hard drive space… Let me explain something very important […]

How to POOP faster and more efficiently #SERIOUSLY

This is one of my more exciting “Life Hacking” experiments I did in recent times. I presented this at a entrepreneur meetup/conference in Phoenix, AZ and it was well received there. However, no one will admit that they use the technique… I mean who wants to admit their poop strategies. Either way, I am going to lay it all out for you today, my self-discovered trick to help yourself poop faster and more efficiently.

The three step system to poop faster…

Step#1 – Keep your butt FLAT on the toilet!

6 Simple Asset Protection Mistakes to Avoid for the Start-up Entrepreneur

So I wanted to get up something important here for all my fellow start-up entreprenuers. I had Bobby Casey from Global Wealth Protection write out some simple points to avoid when setting your company up and common mistakes start up entrepreneurs make leaving themselves vulnerable with no asset protection. No one wants to get to a success […]