A bit of a game changer for SEO in Q4 2011

This morning I woke to an IM with the following article link from Googles official blog:




For a global search sense, this is not a big deal. Most generic search traffic comes from users that are not logged in. However, when you get into certain niches and certain sites, your demographic can align with the same users as gmail/google accounts, meaning that your users that find you in the serps are likley logged in. This is typically most folks that have an android device, or are of a younger crowd that use gmail. The older age demographic still use hotmail/yahoo.


Could this be a strategy of Google to implement this data in Google Analytics later on for paid subscribers? I guess we will see. Either way, adjust your strategy to focus on holistic SEO and other marketing channels as you should be doing all along. Google may be adjusting things with SEO so less public information is available to spammers.

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